Who We Are
UBii came about because we realized that no one was doing a good job at matching consumers with those that perform services. No one was trying to really help the people in this industry. They were just trying to make money by charging high membership fees, taking large percentages of the job performed from the provider or even charging providers to bid on jobs with a low chance of getting them because 5 other providers bid on the same job. We realized that people were asking for help in this area and we believed we could find a way to solve the problem…and there you have it, Ubii was born.
Now, how do you break all the industry habits and make something that works and helps people?? I can tell you how… tons of hard work and lots of listening. We only charge a connection fee when someone chooses YOU (the provider) after looking at your profile, knowing what you do and your pricing. The provider will never be charged unless they accept that job. The connection fee ($5) is the only fee. We won't take a portion of the completed job. Why should we?? it's your company, your money.
People ask us where our name came from, so we will tell you the story: The two founders are of German and Italian background (amongst other things). Their story is a lot like the one of the Ubii tribe... Ubii was a Germanic tribe that was loyal to, and joined forces with, Julius Caesar during the time of the Roman Empire. Working together they conquered the lands around them. Although we don’t plan on conquering any lands, we certainly do plan on conquering the leadership role in the service industry!
Ubii.com is About To Redefine The Way The Service Industry Does Business
Professionals will be able to connect with consumers like they never have before. Introducing the new on-demand Ubii app
BOCA RATON, Fla. (PRWEB) -- Stay tuned!… A revolutionary new way to connect consumers to the service industry is about to hit the market. Ubii.com connects consumers, on-demand, with any and all service providers.
Just like Uber or Lyft gets you a car within minutes and Angie's List or Home Advisor matches you with service professionals, Ubii not only combines the two concepts but greatly improves upon them. At no cost to the consumer, Ubii lets you connect to a service provider of your choice after you review available service providers in your desired area. Instead of answering endless questions to obtain quotes in the next 24-48 hours from unknown service professionals, users can review a professional’s ratings, licenses, pricing, work hours, pictures and even videos of their work before selecting one that is nearby and ready to work.
It’s business as usual for service professionals: they maintain their pricing, their business identity, the way they conduct their business and simply get connected directly to consumers who need their services immediately or at a scheduled time. Professionals are able to build a strong profile page so that they can sell their services and get selected for jobs. We save them the hassle of paying to bid on multiple jobs and never hear back from the consumer. With Ubii they are pre-selected by consumers and put directly in touch. The quality of registered service professionals is maintained through background checks, internal verifications, profile platform completeness and user rating systems.
Ubii anticipates covering more than 1000 categories in the next few months and has started building up the network of professionals and customers. Our goal of establishing a robust product experience is complemented by our business model that is unique in the space. There is huge potential in this massive market with worldwide application. Ubii not only will facilitate connections between consumers and service professionals but it will create an incredible number of jobs worldwide, providing more opportunities for new business, encouraging people to find full or part-time employment and allowing families better financial stability.
For more information, please write to info(at)ubii.com or check us out at www.ubii.com
any service, with a :)
UBII.com | Help around the home is just a few clicks away
Help around the home is just a few clicks away