July 31, 2020

Getting Tutoring Work During Summer, Early Fall

It doesn’t matter how, school will return this fall and that means a demand for educators. With the challenges created by the coronavirus, many schools are still not sure whether or not they will be able to have students on campus or have to teach them remotely. This issue will not be resolved for months and will require local educators to become more flexible on how they teach and assist their students.
For those interested in tutoring, it does create a unique opportunity to expand your career and reach a larger audience. Even if parents are able to work from home they cannot afford the time to also teach their children and will require assistance whether it’s in person or virtual. Their goal will be to make sure that their children are getting the one on one help they need to thrive in school while minimizing the distractions the pandemic has created.  It’s easy to see why this type of service will be in such high demand and how you can grow as an educator.
One of the challenges independent professionals have is finding ways to market their services. You can reach out to people who are interested in the services and post ads for assistance but what platforms can you use to market yourself? The Ubii app is a great example because it keeps costs at a minimum and allows you to market specific services to people in your area. You are not listed higher or lower based on ad budget. Your visibility is based on how others rate your services and your availability, giving you the best opportunity to connect with parents in need of your services.
As you look for new and affordable ways to gain more business, this app is one of the best platforms to utilize and can help you grow from an individual professional into a real business. Look for new ways to market yourself as you follow our blog for more information.