Ubii Safety Tips

Ubii assist service seekers ("Customers") in connecting with their chosen service professionals ("Service Providers") within their desired area of service. When hiring a Service Provider or accepting work from a Customer please keep in mind that you are engaging in a public transaction within your community and should exercise your best judgment in doing so. Trust your gut in making this decision just as you would if you were using the yellow pages to connect with each other.*

Here are some suggestions regarding safety that you should consider:


Fully Review the Service Professionals’ Ubii Profile Before Choosing Them

Selecting a Service Professional and Agreeing to Perform the Service

* Despite what is being shown in the Service Provider's profile or despite how legitimate a Customer’s request appears, no one can be assured, by anyone, including Ubii LLC, that your counterparty’s intentions are legitimate, made in good faith and free of risk. Ubii LLC and its affiliates do not make any representations as to any of the information provided through the platform that is provided by Customers or Service Providers. By using Ubii LLC's platform, Customers and Service Providers hereby indemnify Ubii LLC and its affiliates, officers, shareholders, directors and employees. Customers understand that they are assuming any risks inherent in making a hiring decision for a Service Provider. Service Providers understand that are assuming any risks inherent in accepting a job from a Customer.

Effective as of September 7, 2018