July 21, 2020

Air Conditioner Repair Help Easy To Find On Ubii


South Florida is famous for one thing above all else, heat. No, not the basketball team, the weather. While the rest of the country experiences heat waves throughout the summer, South Florida starts experiencing them as early as March. Combined with the humidity and constant rain showers, residents have to deal with bipolar weather conditions all year long and the summer is as relentless, if not more so when you consider hurricane season.


With the heat comes a high demand for air conditioning companies. These companies rely on this time of year as it can double their usual workload and revenue. That sounds great if you’re a small business owner but it also creates a challenge as you do not want to miss out on work. How can you assist a customer who needs a new capacitor when you have a major install today? You can’t and you run the risk of missing out on that customer who, while may only need this fix today, may become a customer who gives you more work down the road or refers you to others. Every job creates a new opportunity for more business but you have to have the workforce to keep up with the demand.


How do you as a business owner go and hire someone who is skilled enough to handle air conditioning work but is ok with having short-term employment? That seems like a challenge and it can be, unless you are using the Ubii app. The app is a big help for small business owners because they can hire seasonal help, but also people who are very experienced and know exactly what to do to provide great service to your customers. If you plan on working Saturday’s and Sunday’s to keep up with demand but you can’t use your regular employees for whatever reason, you can download the app and look for people with A/C experience and see what they can do, what others liked about their work, what they charge and when they want to work.


You have all that information and can contact them only when you need their assistance. This is a great option, especially if you are looking for short-term help as demand for air conditioning services are drastically increasing throughout the area.