Ubii Safety Tips

Ubii assists Service Seekers to connect with their chosen Service Providers within their desired area of service. When hiring a Service Provider or accepting work from a Service Seeker please keep in mind that you are engaging in a transaction within your community and should exercise your best judgment in doing so. Trust your gut in making this decision just as you would if you were using the yellow pages to connect with each other.*

Here are some suggestions regarding safety that you should consider:


  • Maximize communication before meeting in person. The more communication between the Service Provider and Service Seekers prior to meeting in person, the better your decision will be regarding any potential risks associated with a personal meeting.
  • Review carefully the Service Provider’s full Ubii profile. Check pricing, experience, reviews, licensing information and, if available, pictures and videos of the Service Provider’s past work before choosing to request service. Ask questions about each of these items and verify as applicable.
  • Fully disclose your service needs and discuss solutions when connected. Ubii puts you in touch directly, making communication easy. Discuss past experience with similar jobs and whether your project requires a permit, insurance etc.

Fully Review the Service Providers’ Ubii Profile Before Choosing Them

  • Experience. Look in the profile for details on the number of years they’ve been in business, reviews, ratings, pictures with examples from other projects, insurance, licenses and any information provided in the profile. All Service Providers are encouraged to provide full information on their profile, as a tool to be able to present a complete display that helps Service Seekers make an informed decision, prior to choosing a particular Service Provider.
  • Verify credentials. Discuss any questions regarding any disclosure and information in the Service Provider’s profile and discuss fully any details of the job that are relevant in making a decision whether to meet in person or not to perform the job, including forms of payment accepted.
  • Discuss any licensing/insurance questions or concerns. Think about any applicable professional licenses that may be required in your community for the job and ask the Service Provider for a valid license. Discuss whether the Service Provider has insurance or bonding and whether it is required and whether licenses or insurance that are in place cover subcontractors. In some states, you may be able to verify the validity of certain licenses online. Keep any records of any information that you obtain.
  • Contract. Should you decide to hire the Service Provider, make sure you enter into a written contract between the Service Provider and Service Seeker that addresses all relevant points of your transaction and keep copies of any payments made. Any transaction you decide to enter into between the Service Seeker and the Service Provider is independent of Ubii LLC and its affiliates so be sure you understand all the terms of your agreement before you hire a Service Provider or before you enter into any transaction.

Selecting a Service Provider and Agreeing to Perform the Service

  • Judgment. Use common sense in making your decision and use your best judgment. Be ready to challenge the information you see on the profile page and ask questions. Service Provider should ask as many questions as possible to determine if they want to pursue the job requested by the Service Seeker.
  • Declining to proceed. If your communications do not satisfy either the Service Provider or Customer to move forward, do not continue and move on. Time is valuable for both Service Providers and Customers and it is best to assure that the job requests match the right Service Provider to each service call, maximizing the use of time and money for both parties.

* Despite what is being shown in the Service Provider’s profile or despite how legitimate a Service Seeker’s request appears, no one can be assured, by anyone, including Ubii LLC, that your counterparty’s intentions are legitimate, made in good faith and free of risk. Ubii LLC and its affiliates do not make any representations as to any of the information provided through the platform that is provided by Service Seekers or Service Providers. By using Ubii LLC’s platform, Service Seekers and Service Providers hereby indemnify Ubii LLC and its affiliates, officers, shareholders, directors and employees from any and all liability. Service Seekers understand that they are assuming any risks inherent in making a hiring decision for a Service Provider. Service Providers understand that are assuming any risks inherent in accepting a job from a Service Seeker.

Effective as of May 13, 2019