What can Ubii do for me?

We have researched the way the service industry is currently conducting business and have put every ounce of information together to build a company that is the best it can be for our Service Providers (Ubipreneurs) and our customers (Service Seekers). We put the power in your hands to find the right person for your job by surfing the profiles of each Service Provider in our network. You can search thousands of services to be connected with at Ubii.com.

How long has Ubii been doing this?
Ubii was founded in 2016 and opened to the public in 2018. Our team has many years of experience connecting the right people with the right companies and we are now beginning to serve Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties with fast expansion plans thereafter.

How much does it cost?
Our basic services are free to the Service Seeker and only $5 per connection to the Service Provider.

How does Ubii get paid if this is a free service?

Basic Services: As stated above, Service Seekers are not charged for this service because Service Providers pay a $5 connection fee each time they accept a request from a Service Seeker. Service Providers specify the type of work they do and the territory they serve. The pricing for each service is negotiated individually between Service Seekers and Service Providers after they have been connected through Ubii. Moreover, the Service Provider’s profile may contain details of that Service Provider’s specific pricing which can be discussed directly between the parties once they are connected.

Additional Services: We are developing additional services to benefit our network of Service Seekers and Service Providers and will notify you when they become available in your area.

Is Ubii available in My Area?
We are currently available in 3 counties in Florida (Dade, Broward and Palm Beach). Pre-Register today and you will be notified when we are ready to go in your area.

Does everyone have licenses and insurance?
Each profile will show any available licenses and insurances listed by the provider. If they have not listed them do not assume that they have them. Please discuss any license, insurance, permit and compliance questions directly with the Service Provider and read our Safety Tips.

Does Ubii do Background Checks on Service Providers?
Yes, if they are signed up, then they have gone through a background check.

How can Service Providers help me?
Our network includes experienced Service Providers that can provide thousands of services. We offer services in the following main categories: Indoor, Outdoor, Entertainment, Transportation, Personal Care, Pets, Professional, Electronics and General Services.

How can Ubii match me with the right Service Provider?
One of the advantages of using Ubii is that we don’t select the Service Providers for you. We give you the ability to gather all of the pertinent information from all of the available providers in your area and let you make an educated decision as to who you would like to hire. You choose. For example, we will not ask you if you own or rent your home when you are standing over a leaking pipe that is damaging your hardwood floors….. that’s old school.

Am I obligated to use Service Provider after I request them?
No. There is never an obligation to hire the person you request. After you are connected with each other, it is up to you to come to an agreement. It is good to know that each time you put in a request to a provider they are paying a connection fee to accept it, therefore, you should be sure you have a need for them when you request them. Not every connection will result in a job.

How do I know I’m getting the right Service Provider?
Ubii’s Service Providers are background checked before being included in our network. You can also use their profile information, ratings and reviews from past Service Seekers to help you decide who is best for you. You can discuss your job needs directly with the Service Provider before deciding to hire them. Our mission is to create a better connection between the right Service Seeker and the right Service Provider.

How do Providers Receive Ratings?
Only Ubii members using the services are able to rate the Service Providers and vice versa. It is good to know that these are not fake ratings and reviews received by their friends and family rather people that requested their services and completed a job through them.

Do Service Seekers get rated?
Yes. Service Providers that interact with Service Seekers will be able to rate and provide reviews on Service Seekers. We want to make sure that all members of Ubii are benefitting each other by using our connection services.

Can I change my mind and cancel a project or contract?
Once you are connected with your desired Service Provider, any decisions to move forward will be up to you and the Service Provider. Regardless, please remember to provide ratings and reviews once you hire your Service Provider.

Will Ubii suspend or cancel a Service Seeker’s account or a Service Provider’s account?
Ubii will, after reviewing complaints or multiple bad reviews, either suspend or terminate a Service Seeker’s or Service Provider’s account after evaluating each case. We reserve the right to remove any Service Seekers from our network.

What if I did not receive a verification, background check, or welcome email? Check your spam box! If email does not appear there, check back to make sure you don’t have any misspelled errors with your valid email address you used. Lastly, if your email address appears correct contact us to further assist you.

How do I complete my background check? Completing the background check is a pretty quick and simple process. It is the last step of your provider profile setup and is a mandatory requirement. For more information, please refer to the following video