June 8, 2020

Ubii For Small Business


Small business owners hate the fact that they cannot market like their top competitors in the industry. A great example of this are companies that sell impact windows. The top businesses in the industry spend tens of thousands of dollars a month to be at the top of search engines and reach consumers via social media. They also run television and radio commercials and more. It’s a lot of work and a lot of money and not all companies in this field can compete. So, what can your company do to reach that many consumers without having the same ad budget to utilize? It begins with starting an account on the Ubii app that allows you to market to consumers in your area for a variety of services.

There are plenty of places to shop for impact windows and get a great deal. However, when it comes to installing them, people need proven assistance to not only do the work but to ensure that it’s done right. This could take a couple of days and requires proper permits being taken out. That’s why you need experienced assistance and to ensure that you are working with a crew that has done this before, whether it’s residential or commercial work.

If your company offers this service, or others, then creating a profile is the smart thing to do. Your business will be listed among dozens of others, just like on Google. However, the difference here is that you are not paying thousands of dollars to be seen by visitors to the app. You also are being ranked based on the quality of service you provide, your prices, when you are available and what services you offer. That’s not only fair, but it gives you a great opportunity to find new customers and be selected based on the effort you put into each job, not based on how much you spend to get seen.