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We offer great opportunities for growth and the most conducive working environment to enjoy work-life balance.

Our mission is to provide a worldwide, easy, platform that connects workers and businesses with Service Seekers who need immediate or scheduled services, resulting in greater employment in the US and globally.

Welcome to our Ubii-World, where Ubiiers meet Ubiipreneurs and solutions to their needs are Ubiquitous!

Ubii will not only facilitate connections between Service Seekers and Service Providers but it will create an incredible number of jobs worldwide, providing more opportunities for new business, encouraging people to find full or part-time work and allowing families better financial stability.

Working at Ubii means sharing these values. It means being positive and authentic, always ready to listen to others and taking into account everyone’s interests in order to move forward together. Working at Ubii also means sharing our commitment to simplify the life of Service Seekers and provide sustainable growth to Ubiipreneurs.

By joining Ubii, you not only help to deliver a unique experience to Service Seekers and Ubiipreneurs but also serve the community at large. You become part of a dynamic group that places the simplicity at the heart of its growth.

To learn more about open positions, please send your profile to careers@ubii.com

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